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ISBN: 978-3-0356-0586-0
Fecha de la edición: 2015
Encuadernación: CARTONE
Nº Pág.: 256

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Resumen del libro

Photography and architecture have a long and intense relationship - and both are accompanied by debates about how, as disciplines, they hover somewhere between service and art form. The book examines how photos are used to digitally reproduce, inform about, and archive buildings. Moreover, it is dedicated to the concept of the use of a building being the visual content of architectural photography, and also questions how the photograph influences the constructed reality.

What is the status of architectural photography today? For one, photographs provide mass media exposure for the buildings; however, the photographers' own attitude, interests, and style result in highly individual images of the built reality. They tell their own stories of the building, decide whether to capture it occupied or not, dynamic or naturalistic, with or without context, as a new building or in use. How does this photographic perspective affect the way in which buildings and their architects are perceived? Many architects collaborate for long periods of time with specific photographers. How much do photographs influence the actual design? Which photos serve to publicize the building, which lend a new perspective?

In today's flood of images, where there is almost no difference between photographs and renderings, this publication refreshingly brings architectural photography to the fore while allowing a peek behind the scenes. In eight richly illustrated chapters, the relationship between architecture and photography is subjected to a changing view. The different positions enter into a fascinating dialog. Insights and visual beauty go hand in hand.

With essays by: Angelika Fitz, Elke Krasny, and Philipp Ursprung
With photographs by Markus Bstieler, Peter Eder, Gisela Erlacher, Pez Hejduk, Eduard Hueber, Hertha Hurnaus, Markus Kaiser, Angelo Kaunat, Bruno Klomfar, Alexander Eugen Koller, Zita Oberwalder, Pia Odorizzi, Stefan Olah, Paul Ott, Lukas Schaller, Manfred Seidl, Margherita Spiluttini, Rupert Steiner, Dietmar Tollerian, Günter Wett

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